Caring for those in need...


Wake up to the wonderful smell
of coffee brewing and something sizzling, what a way to start the day... Join us in the dining room for a delicious meal well suited to your needs served by our friendly staff and enjoyed with friends. As the day unfolds your needs are met, perhaps a haircut in our salon or a doctors visit to address your concerns.

Your days are free to enjoy as you would in your own home, read the paper, tour the grounds, meet with friends or go to the mall. Your days are what you make of them, our home is your home. Afternoons are offered up with a terrific lunch to satisfy your appetite and carry you through the day and then we cap off the day with a lighter style dinner to ease you into the evening feeling great and ready to relax as the day comes to a close.


Adjusting to new surroundings can be difficult but well worth it. In your new home you'll be at ease and free of worries. Relax and let us cater to your needs.

As you settle in you'll soon see our relaxed atmosphere will make you feel like part of the family and everything will fall into place.


At Manoir Notre Dame your worries will vanish, no need to think about bothersome details of day to day living, transportation, bills, doctor visits, hairdresser appointments.

Our inclusive lifestyle offers many needed outside services right in our own building making it easy for you.


Your needs are very important to us, and every voice is heard. Our pledge to you is one of respect and honesty to which you deserve and are entitled to.

Privacy for you and your family is very important to us and we understand your needs. We are here for you and your loved ones and you will be safe with us.